Sep 19, 2011

there is no chicken egg

A manager of a cinema regularly to a restaurant to eat ,each time did not pay after eating,but repay a debt with a few movie tickets.

One day, he went to the restaurant again and ordered a fried egg ,but restaurant owners said:"There is no chicken egg".

Manager exclaimed: "Why not have egg?"

The boss said: "all of chickens see a movie, and  have no spare time to lay eggs!"

Sep 18, 2011

arrogant people

There was a arrogant man that refused to let people.

One day, he was walking down the street,one person came across and did not to give way.

He certainly would not allow, so two people face to face on stalemate.

After a long time, this man's father came to him and anxiously asked him:
"why do you stand here, the family wait you buy rice to cook!"

Son: "I can not go,he do not give me this way!"

Father: "you can go for buying rice, I am standing here for you and see who at the last road give way!"

Sep 17, 2011

a new stores opening

A new store opening, neither the signs or unknown name, only put a beautiful antique clock in the window.

One day, a man came in and demanded  repair the watch."I'm sorry! This is not the watch store." Boss said, "We are branch of  next door's  hospital and exclusively devote  to the hemorrhoid surgery."

 Men not understood the answered: "is not a watch store, why window place antique clock?"

 Boss was staring at him, said: "What do you think what we put in the window? Ass ?"

Sep 16, 2011

a wealthy man and his wife

A wealthy man to travel,when sleep at night, offen dreamed of his wife love by stealth with a young man.
One day, he finally sent a telegram to the family. After the maid received ,she quickly read it to the hostess: "master said: 'I get a message that after I left, every

night there was a young man come to our family. In order to identify the authenticity, I will immediately go home' . "
Rich man's wife hear this and fear of exposing things of romantic, panicky.
Suddenly,she show happy expression,said to the maid : "Honey, there are ways, you say that young man is come to find you!"
Maid listen, quickly said: "I ​​can not do! if master know, will be more angry."

Sep 15, 2011

student activity

Bob was called to the office,and the teacher touched his head: Bob, your father own a company? Bob nodded.

Teacher:we have a 
student activity,let your dad support we?
Bob went home and said that, parents sigh: Well, no method ,give 5000!
Bob go home the next day and said:  teacher say  do  student activity better .......
Father suddenly stood up and said: What, is simply kidnapping, I am now losing money too!

quickly press the father : that's no way, the children in the hands of others.

Jul 13, 2011

complaining wife

One pair of couples who married four decades-old in  conversation.

His wife complained: "You do not good to me before, before you always sit next to me."

Her husband replied: "This is easy to handle." Then immediately moved to sit beside her.

"But in the past you always tight around me."

"This okay?" He grabbed his wife's neck.

"Do you remember how to kiss my neck, bite my ears?"

He is suddenly jumping up out the door.

Wife hurriedly asked: "Where are you going?"

Her husband replied: "I ​​have to pick my dentures."

Jul 12, 2011

Customer queries

In Rio de Janeiro, a passenger sitting in a taxi and ask the driver's: "I ​​hear you there drive the car's speed amazing, but rarely have an accident, this is why?" "It's very simple." driver said:" Who do not high technology,  had died in a car accident."