Mar 31, 2011

A joke in a mental hospital

In a mental hospital, dean wanted to try a patient whether well,asked him: "what you want to do after leave hospital?"
Psychiatric patients want minute and said: "I want to take a rubber band do a slingshot, then put the glass of mental hospital all broken."
Hence caught back treatment for two years.
One day dean find him to question: "what you want to do after leave?"
He think and said: "well personhood, find a good job and take a good wife..."
Dean asked: "and then?"
"On our wedding night,put the wife pants off, put the rubber band make a slingshot, put all mental hospital's glass broken."Then he were arrested back again for two years.
One day dean called him... "This time what you want to do after leave?"
He thoughtlessly says: "well personhood, find a good job and marry a good wife."
Dean asked: "and then?"
"Give birth a son..."
"After giving birth son?"
"... ask my son with a slingshot put all mental hospital's glass broken."

Chinese garden art of the three major features

First, the pursuit of a harmonious unity of man and nature.

Chinese gardens are the artistic reproduction of nature, without exception, that Fan Hill model of water, emulated natural. The basic idea of ​​the garden can be summed up to eight characters, that "although the people do, Naturalism. " The idea is actually a "Heaven"("Heaven"and "humanitarian"or "natural"and"artificial " as one) of the philosophical concepts embodied in the landscape art. Ancient philosophy it has long been to seek beauty in nature. Confucius said: "benevolent, the wise man happy water. " Xunzi is praised as "a world of great beauty. " In fact, the Chinese garden is the landscape as the main body, the mountain is the bone marrow, the water is blood. Hill should have pulse, water should be the source, the water transfer with the mountain, the mountain due to the water live.

Second, express emotions by King to King Ming-chih, pay attention to charm.

Chinese gardens in the landscape of natural reproduction in certain ideals and beliefs of sustenance, that the owner of the ambition and fun. Royal Garden by the gods since ancient times, thinking, and more mountains in the sea garden layout to reflect the feudal king pray for Wang Zhaodi desire immortality. Apart from private homes garden pavilions, corridors winding paths, trees exquisite, rockery stone lake, painting sculpture, there are certain moral park owner.

Third, gardening practices subtle twists and turns, change.

Garden features more hidden but not now hidden, "Grand View Garden" infinite landscape, are hidden in a door into the garden after the rockery. "Toyama no feet, Yuan Shu has no roots, far from the boat without the body (I saw sail). " Specifically, the full performance of the natural garden to the vitality of the limited space to show the unlimited natural landscape level, small in the big, the actual situation and white, clear priorities, the level of interaction is, far and near contrast, movement should be changed.

Mar 30, 2011

what happen in a crash plane

A national leader along with his prime minister to fly, and suddenly the  plane have fault and would crash, this time expcept them there is  two drivers and a little girl in plane, but the aircraft equipped with only three parachutes.the pilot got a parachute and immediately jumped, the leaders had no thinking and get a packages to jump down, and when the prime minister prepared to jump and found the little girl behind him, at the moment the plane touching scene took place ......
Prime minister: little sister, i have a parachute, you get it.
Girl: No,it does not .......
Prime Minister: You are still young, the future is excellent, take it.
Little girl: But I already have one!
Prime Minister where's
your parachute ???
Girl: just the uncle, took my bags jump off.

Mar 29, 2011

An american in a chinese restaurant

An american in a chinese restaurant for dinner. When the waiter carried a cup of lobster dish, the Americans asked: "what will you deal with leftover shrimp shell?"
"Of course discard" The waiter answered.

"NO! NO! NO!" American shook his head and said, "In our america, sent leftover shrimp shells to the factory, made of shrimp crackers, and then sell to chinese."

While, the waiter carried a dish of fruit,Americans pointing to one of the lemon  asked: "what will you deal with leftovers lemon peel?" "Of course, is discard" The waiter answered.

"NO! NO! NO!"

Americans shook his head and said, "In our america, leftover lemon peel to sent to the factory, make fruit treasure, and then sell to chinese."

"NO! NO! NO!"

Americans shook his head, proud to say, "In our america, chewing gum will sent to the factory, make condoms and then sell to chinese."

Impatient waiter asked: "Do you know In China, how to deal with used condom it?"

"Of course, throw it," American answered.
"NO! NO! NO!"

The waiter shook his head and said, "In china sent chewing gum to the factory, made of chewing gum and then sell to the united states.

Mar 28, 2011

audience think about the "nurse jackie"

The "nurse jackie" using the wallop strong black comedy style, every scene probably have someone will  die,but before death, they still can bring the laugh to audience,and this show will let you sometimes pleasant, sometimes painful, black comedy atmosphere let each set is filled with rich drama conflict, as a surprise emerging gathered, the "nurse jackie" easily become once broadcasts it will win full house cheered of new episodes in the summer.

This is a complicated to have no side "excellent" nurse, we will discover the  nurses Jackie let us scary, you can't imagine her next second what plan, but we can't blame her,because there are so let person heartache accidental death in the hospital emergency room, Jackie is an experienced medical personnel, to medical treatment, for life, she has its own unique views,only think the right thing, she will do, including in order to gain cocaine, she go with doctor.her  complexity almost beyond people to withstand moral bottom line. But at least, Jackie can guarantee do a few good, every day in the hospital need help, Jackie is obligatory.
If you want know a lot please click here.

Mar 27, 2011

humor of laundry day,Mr Wang angrily went to the laundry and found owner, was furious with himself after meeting, said: "Come see your masterpiece!" Then he threw a very thick rope on the desk. Owner looked at and said: "Sir, this rope very good" Mr Wang shouted: "I sent it is a wash sheets."

2. one day, a lady wearing a short skirt, into a laundry, the young owner of the shop straight staring at her. At this time, the young lady very proudly waved and said to owner: "Young people go on with your work!" The young owner is a straight face and said: "Miss, your skirt diminished which did not wash in our shop right."

3, the husband proudly said to his wife: "Today I went to the laundry dry clean, waiters in the clothes on the notes played three stars!" His wife was not understand and asked: "What does that mean?" "This shows the high quality of my clothes to remind workers to be careful operation, can not be damaged." Her husband said. The next day, his wife took the list to the dry cleaners to get it, specifically reminded: "it was the piece played three stars, the highest grade of clothes." Waiter soon found his clothes, putting clothes to her, smiled and said: "We are on the notes played three stars,to remind workers that clothe was dirty and wash few times"

Mar 26, 2011

No one island two male and a female

A scholar,try to analyze the nationality sex of all countries, chose Spain, France, Britain and the russians do experiment, each country pick two male and a female, respectively send to a no one live island to inhabited.
After a few months, scholars to Spain, found that people only left a woman. Scholars asked the woman why only her left, woman light replied, "both of them for me, provoked a duel, the result two people killed each other."

Scholars came to British lives, see three people on the island to do each other, asked the reason, they answered : "you do not have for we introduce!" .

Soon, scholars to the French lives island, find their three people place clean and neat, a man is trim garden flowers and trees. Scholars asked him where the two men. The man replied: "that woman is my lover three months ago , from yesterday, she became his lover, it's my turn to trim courtyard. Now, they are both in bed?"

Finally, scholars to the russians lives island, see two men are arguing for farming production things , and they respective spread their high opinion. Scholars cannot help asked: "that woman? Where is she?" Men replied, "she is working in the ground!"

Libya opposition holding a plastic toy gun in the battlefield

African Union invited representatives of the Libyan Government and the opposition to meet negotiating in 25, but it was rejected by opposition. Opposition spokesman said that Gaddafi must step down.

Anti-government forces under the shield of international air strikes continue the onslaught, 26, local time occupied the eastern importante city of Ajdabiya. Coalition warplanes attacked government troops stationed in the evening of 25, the U.S. military has fired more than a dozen of "Tomahawk" cruise missiles.

Ajdabiya  hold a strategic point access to the western coastal highway,distance from south of Benghazi about 150 kilometers is the rebel stronghold,Libya's oil center.

In Benghazi, more armed men wearing new uniforms,also picked up a new automatic rifle, may be western aid had quietly arrived in .Earlier reports said the rebels and the military quality weapons are bad, some even holding a plastic toy gun in the battlefield.

Mar 25, 2011

the situation of Libya no more than three

19, tripoli, Libya, time 18:45, a code named "Odyssey Dawn" officially started the military operation, which since 2003 the war in Iraq, most western countries launched a large-scale military operations.

Difficult to predict the fate of Gaddafi, who is killed in battle, or choose to end his lives himselve, and the same as Saddam Hussein was captured alive,or to other country refuge, all required to wait and see. Gaddafi has always been defiant character, he will not let go, but his air force has basic loss combat ability, Gaddafi can count on is that tens of thousands of army. The west coalition forces is currently limited to air strikes against , whether to send ground troops is not yet clear.

Also worth exploring is after Gaddafi step down ,what the Libyan situation is. Base on past cases, Libya's future is no more than a three situation, one is like Afghanistan, one is like Iraq, one is like Egypt, the first two situation people naturally do not want to see. If, like Egypt, are considered the satisfaction of all.It is reported that the new constitution passed by referendum in Egypt, Egypt government has smooth transition to stability in the near future. However, the current situation is even if Gaddafi step down , Libya can not be calm, a previous agreement wit United Nations calls for, "to exclude any part of the territory of Libya to despatch any form of foreign occupation army", in other words, only the obligations of protection  the Libyan civilian, and did not the authority of occupy  Libya; two Libyan anti-government forces are complicated, do not rule out the extremists, even if the anti-government forces into power, nor domestic peace; three, Gaddafi has been distributed the weapons to civilians, Libya less likely to stop.

In short,the situation to Libyan civilian is bad,and let me think chinese sayings thriving people suffering, perish people suffering.

Mar 24, 2011

A joke about play mahjong

Snakes, ants, spiders, centipedes playing mahjong at home. 8 circles later, cigarettes run out . They discussed who should  to buy cigarettes. Snake said: I have not feet, I do not go, let the ants go. Ant said: spider have eight legs, more than I, let the spider go. Spider says: my feet is more but not more than the big brother centipede, let centipede go. Centipede have no method,thought: no way, who let my feet much? So centipede go out to buy cigarettes  ... ...  but centipede did not back two hours later. Then, They let  spiders go out to see,  spiders went out and  see centipedes sitting at the door, the spider is very angry and asked: why you not going? Everyone waiting. Centipede was angry too, said: nonsense! You must let me put on my shoes! !

Mar 22, 2011

Some have experienced trouble do you mind

1. at school want holidays and when holiday want to school.
2. cunior high school want to senior high school, senior high school when wants    to go to university, want to return to school after colleage graduation.
3. when singles want to love, love when like single.
4. childhood want to grow up quickly, grew up want to return to childhood.
5. ccontinued to shout, want to reduce weight, but when have a good food all forget.
6.when eating bite  tongue.
7. Fell asleep in the car and head knocked glass.
8. Play clamps, clip to hand.
9. Shut door and drawer is crowded to hand.
10. Sit in a chair wave and fell down.
11. left foot mix right foot results fall.
12. Hit the table or cabinet of Angle, very hurts.
13. From the body hard ripped paste.
14. Pull clothes zipper to clip chin meat.
15. On the stairs suddenly falls on empty.

At the end,are you agree these experiencedm,if you have others,please share with me,and thank you for look.If you concern war in north korea ,there is a joke for that.

Mar 21, 2011

war in north korea

South Korean members Shangsou and incheon mayor Yong-Ji Song line of people visit ping island.
By north Korean before the ruins of buildings ,Shangshou holding 2 round object which fired dark said: "this is cannon,is cannon".
Beside his is National Party spokesman Hang Huan Am asked, "This is a few millimeters cannon "

HuangZhenXia members (birth of artillery to reserve lieutenant) said: "this is 76 mm cannon."
Heng huan An say "ah! This is drawing type howitzer"
HuangZhenXia pointed to another said: "this may be 122 mm radiation cannon."
Later, they open and look inside, was originally vacuum flask.

Mar 20, 2011

Three high tech USA, Germany and Japan

This article is about high tech joke,if you feel well and let your feet in my blog,and think you.

One day a americans, a German and a Japanese people together to wash hot springs, suddenly, American arm rang, americans click arm, a bell stopped, the American people are very satisfiedly say: "this is our new technology, as long as transplant a chip in the arm , can be as BB CALL use!"

After a while, the germans palm also rang, the germans took his palm, beside the ear to talk loud, other people, were surprise, the germans satisfiedly say: "this is our latest technology, in the palms, microchipped, the palm is when the phone!"

The Japanese does not care and go to the toilet, after a while, he came back, the buttock inside still clip half pieces of toilet paper.
American and German laugh at the q Japanese: "what is that?"
Japanese say: "oh, there is a fax just preach come over"

If you want other joke please to pilot travel

Mar 19, 2011

pilot travel

Today many country  formally begin military intervention Libya,and I memory a stroy about a pilot travel in a black tribes,and share with guys.

This is the second world war, a true story.

A  american fighters plane were shot, pilot  Peter had to parachute jumping
to escape,he landed in a small village where not been war violations, the people here were black, they guileless, industrious, and quickly accepted Peter who didn't liked them with white skin.So, Peter and his black friends work together, live together, hunting for more than a year.

One day, the tribal sheik's wife born a child, the original is a pleasing things,But all the people see children when disappeared from smile, because the chief's wife gave birth to a child with white skin.

chief and his villagers were angry, they took Peter and has just been born baby binded together on the fire frame to burn them -- two here only white,because Peter betrayed them, give the chief's black forehead wearing a green hat.

Peter was enlightened, he was not afraid dead, he should have died a year ago, he came to the backward tribes when they didn't put he cooked and ate but saved and accepted him; but he betrayed his friends!

But he did not wish to himself and chief's wife children alive was burned, and the children were innocent!

Peter entreated them let go of his children, he was willing to put the baby's under firewood on his side,

But his supplications is futile, red eye sheik and his villagers completely lost their head, and they will burn Peter and his demon origin,when Peter gave up begged await death comes,he deeply looked at a group of sheep whice raised more than a year, he saw, a group of white lamb with a black sheep,Peter exclamation of say why a group of lamb can allow a black sheep of existence, you a group of black cannot allow a white kid exist?

This is a common word, who knowed that this time black chief camed out,tearful said: relax, quick relax!! They both put.

Then, the chief asked Peter to a small house, leaved a face of doubt the villagers.

Peter and chief came to the hut, he thought his words influenced chief, he just wanted to thank chief forgive themselves,the black chief but first said to Peter: Peter, you and my wife of matter I will overlook, I also will be a good feed your kids,but I and lamb thing which you can't let anyone know? Later don't say to others !!

Mar 18, 2011

Crash plane

A young man is recruited the work of airport tower, he passed the exam, the final hurdle is an oral examination.
Test an officer: "A plane prepared to land, from telescope you find his landing gear not put, what would you do?"
The examinee: "I will immediately radioed warned him."
Test an officer: "if he didn't answer?"
The examinee: "I will immediately remove lights, send the signal "dangerous and shall not landing."
Test an officer: "but he still continued to decline."
The examinee: "I will immediately call my brother."
Test an officer: "your brother? He can do?"
The examinee:"He can not do, tell him to come with me to see crash plane. "

Do you want see another joke click pay raises!

Mar 17, 2011

pay raises!

This is a jok about boss and employees,you consider that if you can do it ,begin the joke.

Boss: "if you have a product to sell, so, if possible, you must chatter that, put it fill people head. If necessary, even loathsome or distasteful which can expense, but also, don't forget to repeat repeat and repeat! This is the only way can produce effect!"
Employees: "yes, sir."
Boss: "you come in looking for I and what matter?"
Employees: "oh, pay raises! pay raise!..."

Mar 16, 2011

How to chase girl

 KCF doorway:
"Can't, how I so unlucky meet you again."
"I also find, I think my preexistence must be very heavy crime"
"You say clear ! Carefully I beat you!"
"I dare you. I'll call."
"Call what?"
"indecent, but not rape."
"Do you think there will be pay attention?"
"No, or I molested back "
"My god, you can so rogue, really blind heaven's eye!"
"Well, yeah, otherwise this world won't exist any so-called elite."

"Don't talk, I'm tired of you to speak."
"I haven't said, reasonable good?"
"I call you don't say, you speaking like fly, nausea to dead"
"Oh, original words can play so big role, it is so fantastic once,, I can do a part-time?"
"What for?"
"Go to a hospital help patients lavage."
"You didn't of saved,immediately go back care of the funeral"
"I have no requirements before i death, I just want to say to you a few word, but afraid you don't promise. You promise?"
"Speak, reasonable requirements can consider."
"This's KFC you please me good?"
"Go to dead..."

out of KFC:
"You have no girl friend? Sunday a personal strolled?"
"Accurate to say that I have no girl friend, but have  female friend, you ask this?"
"It doesn't matter, care for you life decisions, not good?"
"Good, why bad?  you like ones who loved."
"My mother. She also often like asking question that."
"If it weren't for so many people in the street watching, I really want to beat you."
"I'm not afraid someone saw you beat me, what are you afraid of? How about you, not to accompany boyfriend?"
"Don't you thing!"
"Oh, I see. By your boyfriend abandoned, beat I want to find the psychological balance."
"The dog's mouth emits no ivory. face to face say, I don't want to find."
"Consider me, I suffer some losses."
"Please don't disgusting to me."
"I can unconditional act as your extras, if you need a boyfriend please call 11111111111"
"I will play it by ear."
"Tell me your telephone?"
"when say or here to give me the message don't say you don't know the web site. Again vexed I scold you ah."
"Yeah, I was about to say  I don't know, I'm going to go look for land, wait until you scold me."

 Their home:
"Oddness, I really want to send messages to scold him."
"Ha ha. She didn't send messages to scold me just strange."
"Finished, am I really like that rascal?"
"Hey hey, she didn't like me this rascal that was lost."

 reading all this ,can you know how to chase girl? If you don't know ,you can ask me.just a joke.
go to Chase girl-the method of repeatedly

Mar 15, 2011

Chase girl-the method of repeatedly

Bus station:
"Miss you stepped on my foot."
"I don't think so, I leave you so far."
"I mean, if you don't be careful put your feet on my feet, is stepped on my foot."
"Wow, miss, I do have history of Neurology, generally see beautiful  will break out."
"You men always did, said some nonsense intentionally lead the girls intentionally. Seems to think oneself is very handsome."
"Miss you wrong, I never thought my own handsome, but myself is very handsome."
"Don't be so disgusted ok. I'm going to vomit."
"Before you spit out: may I ask you a question?"
"You have fart hurry fart".
"Why do you hide conscience to deny my handsome?"

in bus:
 "How are you? "
 "Sometimes I do everywhere. "
 "Do not you know you are very annoying, so many place not sit, chosen to sit next to me. "
 "Miss, you should know, I just sat empty place which next to the empty position, just have you, so only. "
 "There is also space in front of the location how do you not? "
 "Oh, I see that you would want to see my ass, or I see your ass? "
 "Get out of here ...."

after down the bus:
"Why did you and get off?"
"Anyway, not because of you! I like to hang out."
"I tell you to sex harassment,which your company?"
"You mean catty, or the joule, Newton?"
"I very familiar with you? All said this bored words, sorry, I don't catch a cold!"
"Yeah, we're not familiar. We like a branch which have  two trees green strawberry.sour"
"Think you very humor?"
"Humor is born, to blame, you go to blame me mother! Right, and also my dad..."
"Your mother nervous."
"Your mother nervous."
"You see, clearly is your mom and affirm that is my mom," could you want to..."
"Roll for me..."

 So in the end ,can you know how chase girl??

Mar 14, 2011

Before do,we should think well

A university graduate in order to prove spider the hearing in feet, then made ​​the following comparison experiments:
1: Students put a spider on the experimental stage, and then screams to spider, spiders scare!
2: After the students put this poor spider has caught back on the experimental stage, all of the spider's feet cut off!
He screams and then washed the spider, spiders do not move!
Thus proving that the hearing in the foot spider!

In our life,it's not lack these people,so before do something we should consider
the fact situation,and think more.If do everything can carefully consider,i think we must success.And expect everybody all wishes come true,our life more and more happy.

Mar 13, 2011


Colonel Blair came home and  found his wife and lover Anna Simon is laughing in the bedroom.

He was furious, pointing to the Simon scolded: "You idiot, you get out."

Simon did not back down: "Get out of should you, Anna love I."

Blair still cursed forever, Simon proposed a way with a duel to decide who owns Anna.

They came to another room, Simon said: "We shoot gun in the air, and two people lying on the ground pretending to be dead, to see Anna, who came in after the first side, who is close to her that her first love who, will have her. "

After two shots, Anna came running in, and found that they both fell to the ground, suddenly shouted and ran to a large wardrobe and shouted: "Honey, come out! They were both dead."

Mar 12, 2011

Earthquake jokes!

That there was a place middle of the night was an earthquake, men and women who live in a hotel have come to the open space which in front of the hotel. Because of unexpected events, most people clothes isn't whole, looking panic-stricken!

There are a guy smoking and education to others, "faced with an emergency, do not panic, remember the most important thing is to not panic, for example,just have earthquakes, I from the bed, the first thing is point of a cigarette, and then find Shirts to wear, when wear coat, found shirts and jackets that do not match the color,and change the shirt, then slowly out, not very safe? "

Next to a buddy, said: "You're good, you are wonderful, but can you tell me,why are not you wearing pants? "

Mar 11, 2011

What our nature

Today japan happen a powerful earthquake,and near few years ,in the earth there are a lot of disaster,and it happen more and more often,and more and more powerful.

What happen in our nature and cause these disaster.It will be "2012" ? As the develop of the economy our nature is bad .Although our living standards better than before,but our nature is very bad than before .In order to let our offspring's nature can live ,we should care and protect our nature well.

So from now ,i love our environment and protect it .Try to reduce pollution to our environment,do what can we do in the future.At the last,expect our environment become more and more better.

Mar 10, 2011

where my future

graduate from university almost one years,although i obtain a job which i other's eyes is well,and in my opinion the job is well and very stable,but is hard to progress.

Sometimes i think about my future,if i work here all my life,there are opportunity to my for progress? This doubt me a long time .And my family is want me work here because the job is stable and treatment is well,but i know myself,if i think it not well which is hard to change.

after work a period of time ,i find that relationship with some colleagues is very bad,because i think the character of them is very bad,and i doesn't want work with them.And now i to something in my spare time in order to change my fate.If it do well,i will resignation.i doesn't endure work with them .

Belief myself,and i will success,and my future is not as now,it will change and well.My friend you can give me a suggest.

Mar 9, 2011

"Does not encourage rural children to college"

Today in china BBS,I see a message about chinese education.

the CPPCC National Committee, the Beijing Museum curator Wang Ping, the Chinese group discussions at the CPPCC, said not to encourage rural children to college. "Because once the rural children read the university, not to return to their home, not go back to their home is a tragedy." Ping members a good understanding of the meaning of the farmers after their children graduated from college, find work in the city , but never returned to the countryside. Moreover, college costs so high, it may cause the family "back into poverty" because a child to college. Therefore, rural children, read a technical secondary school, or read the end of high school, at home in himself, is a better option than college.

Amazing language have every year, this year is no shortage. To be honest, there is no amazing people amazing language, "two sessions" really just does not taste. If the thousands of delegates and committee members have sat, speak words formed, it would mean that a bit too stuffy? Like what high prices is because people have more money, what television commercials are not what 55 years did not cast a negative vote, and so the topic, do not know how many people embarrassment to the lives of the spices, but also improved my happiness, etc. sense!

Wang Ping is the case with members of the speech. But this is not fun, but sad! As a rural origin students, wandering for years finally be stopped in the city feet. With my father's words, Zhao home will be in the city and spawning, no longer return to the thousands of miles away in the village. Therefore, Wand members words , in my ears is particularly harsh.

The rural children do not want to pursue their own life? Not the enjoyment of modern urban civilization it? Life is destined to stay in rural areas, "to pass down our culture?" Members of the logic, not encourage them to college, to their heritage of our "peasant culture", then their children do not spend University, to pass down. Anyway, farmers need to do something, then handed down from generation to generation. Like India, most like, passing out an "untouchable" class.

 How do you think about chinese education,and there country future?

Mar 8, 2011

master the skills

Today i have some work to do,and every thing i work independent.not same former that doubt of my ability ,i can do it?
and now although something i doesn't can do,but compare with thing is change.just do it you can learn a lot of from your work,and you can quickly master the skills,and you can do well in the future.
about work,in my opinion i should use our brain to think about it,why there is a problem,the reason come out ofen or very less,this we should consider in our every day work.
I think can use our brain more in our every work is importance.

Mar 6, 2011

What is the best dowry

Today i see an article which mention that what is the bes dowry for a women.And this is very interesting to me.The article come from china ShangHai.

Somebody say that treasure is importance because i life not come away from the treasure.If we have no treasure how can we do what our want to do ,and every day we show effort for get money,and you have no time to consider other things.

Somebody say that chastity is importance because many men is very care to that .even if he didn't concern it ,but if he found you are chasity and he will very happy,so he love you more.

And less people never think that or agree with all front opinion.

No doubt,with the rapid development of economy,unable to hide the young of depravity.and our world have into a crisis that have no ideological and moral,no more physiological moral.We should have a clear mind and suggest our country in the national quality education add more about ethic education.Let our young can healthy growth.

Mar 5, 2011

unhappy day

Today is weekend,I should rest and have a good time.but because of  a sudden overtime.This is not the most bad thing.When i go to the company,want to know how the problem happen.To want know how often the problem happen,and i ask the colleague who are working ,but she ignore what i ask,then I'm feel not comfortable.and ask again she say:"I don't know",and attitude is very bad.
   What was i do wrong,why.I overtime do work and never want to remuneration,but the result is cruel .My friend ,please tell me what i can do.

Mar 4, 2011

well come to my blog,and happy every day

In my blog,I will post the article about every day life,and well come every one come to my blog,and live your thought in my blog.I'm very happy you do that.Sometimes i will share some joke with you,and post some interesting photos.
  I'm expect every one have a good time every day,happy every day,and smooth work,and first thank you for you living comment.