Mar 31, 2011

Chinese garden art of the three major features

First, the pursuit of a harmonious unity of man and nature.

Chinese gardens are the artistic reproduction of nature, without exception, that Fan Hill model of water, emulated natural. The basic idea of ​​the garden can be summed up to eight characters, that "although the people do, Naturalism. " The idea is actually a "Heaven"("Heaven"and "humanitarian"or "natural"and"artificial " as one) of the philosophical concepts embodied in the landscape art. Ancient philosophy it has long been to seek beauty in nature. Confucius said: "benevolent, the wise man happy water. " Xunzi is praised as "a world of great beauty. " In fact, the Chinese garden is the landscape as the main body, the mountain is the bone marrow, the water is blood. Hill should have pulse, water should be the source, the water transfer with the mountain, the mountain due to the water live.

Second, express emotions by King to King Ming-chih, pay attention to charm.

Chinese gardens in the landscape of natural reproduction in certain ideals and beliefs of sustenance, that the owner of the ambition and fun. Royal Garden by the gods since ancient times, thinking, and more mountains in the sea garden layout to reflect the feudal king pray for Wang Zhaodi desire immortality. Apart from private homes garden pavilions, corridors winding paths, trees exquisite, rockery stone lake, painting sculpture, there are certain moral park owner.

Third, gardening practices subtle twists and turns, change.

Garden features more hidden but not now hidden, "Grand View Garden" infinite landscape, are hidden in a door into the garden after the rockery. "Toyama no feet, Yuan Shu has no roots, far from the boat without the body (I saw sail). " Specifically, the full performance of the natural garden to the vitality of the limited space to show the unlimited natural landscape level, small in the big, the actual situation and white, clear priorities, the level of interaction is, far and near contrast, movement should be changed.

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