Mar 24, 2011

A joke about play mahjong

Snakes, ants, spiders, centipedes playing mahjong at home. 8 circles later, cigarettes run out . They discussed who should  to buy cigarettes. Snake said: I have not feet, I do not go, let the ants go. Ant said: spider have eight legs, more than I, let the spider go. Spider says: my feet is more but not more than the big brother centipede, let centipede go. Centipede have no method,thought: no way, who let my feet much? So centipede go out to buy cigarettes  ... ...  but centipede did not back two hours later. Then, They let  spiders go out to see,  spiders went out and  see centipedes sitting at the door, the spider is very angry and asked: why you not going? Everyone waiting. Centipede was angry too, said: nonsense! You must let me put on my shoes! !

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