Mar 9, 2011

"Does not encourage rural children to college"

Today in china BBS,I see a message about chinese education.

the CPPCC National Committee, the Beijing Museum curator Wang Ping, the Chinese group discussions at the CPPCC, said not to encourage rural children to college. "Because once the rural children read the university, not to return to their home, not go back to their home is a tragedy." Ping members a good understanding of the meaning of the farmers after their children graduated from college, find work in the city , but never returned to the countryside. Moreover, college costs so high, it may cause the family "back into poverty" because a child to college. Therefore, rural children, read a technical secondary school, or read the end of high school, at home in himself, is a better option than college.

Amazing language have every year, this year is no shortage. To be honest, there is no amazing people amazing language, "two sessions" really just does not taste. If the thousands of delegates and committee members have sat, speak words formed, it would mean that a bit too stuffy? Like what high prices is because people have more money, what television commercials are not what 55 years did not cast a negative vote, and so the topic, do not know how many people embarrassment to the lives of the spices, but also improved my happiness, etc. sense!

Wang Ping is the case with members of the speech. But this is not fun, but sad! As a rural origin students, wandering for years finally be stopped in the city feet. With my father's words, Zhao home will be in the city and spawning, no longer return to the thousands of miles away in the village. Therefore, Wand members words , in my ears is particularly harsh.

The rural children do not want to pursue their own life? Not the enjoyment of modern urban civilization it? Life is destined to stay in rural areas, "to pass down our culture?" Members of the logic, not encourage them to college, to their heritage of our "peasant culture", then their children do not spend University, to pass down. Anyway, farmers need to do something, then handed down from generation to generation. Like India, most like, passing out an "untouchable" class.

 How do you think about chinese education,and there country future?

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