Mar 16, 2011

How to chase girl

 KCF doorway:
"Can't, how I so unlucky meet you again."
"I also find, I think my preexistence must be very heavy crime"
"You say clear ! Carefully I beat you!"
"I dare you. I'll call."
"Call what?"
"indecent, but not rape."
"Do you think there will be pay attention?"
"No, or I molested back "
"My god, you can so rogue, really blind heaven's eye!"
"Well, yeah, otherwise this world won't exist any so-called elite."

"Don't talk, I'm tired of you to speak."
"I haven't said, reasonable good?"
"I call you don't say, you speaking like fly, nausea to dead"
"Oh, original words can play so big role, it is so fantastic once,, I can do a part-time?"
"What for?"
"Go to a hospital help patients lavage."
"You didn't of saved,immediately go back care of the funeral"
"I have no requirements before i death, I just want to say to you a few word, but afraid you don't promise. You promise?"
"Speak, reasonable requirements can consider."
"This's KFC you please me good?"
"Go to dead..."

out of KFC:
"You have no girl friend? Sunday a personal strolled?"
"Accurate to say that I have no girl friend, but have  female friend, you ask this?"
"It doesn't matter, care for you life decisions, not good?"
"Good, why bad?  you like ones who loved."
"My mother. She also often like asking question that."
"If it weren't for so many people in the street watching, I really want to beat you."
"I'm not afraid someone saw you beat me, what are you afraid of? How about you, not to accompany boyfriend?"
"Don't you thing!"
"Oh, I see. By your boyfriend abandoned, beat I want to find the psychological balance."
"The dog's mouth emits no ivory. face to face say, I don't want to find."
"Consider me, I suffer some losses."
"Please don't disgusting to me."
"I can unconditional act as your extras, if you need a boyfriend please call 11111111111"
"I will play it by ear."
"Tell me your telephone?"
"when say or here to give me the message don't say you don't know the web site. Again vexed I scold you ah."
"Yeah, I was about to say  I don't know, I'm going to go look for land, wait until you scold me."

 Their home:
"Oddness, I really want to send messages to scold him."
"Ha ha. She didn't send messages to scold me just strange."
"Finished, am I really like that rascal?"
"Hey hey, she didn't like me this rascal that was lost."

 reading all this ,can you know how to chase girl? If you don't know ,you can ask me.just a joke.
go to Chase girl-the method of repeatedly

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