Jul 13, 2011

complaining wife

One pair of couples who married four decades-old in  conversation.

His wife complained: "You do not good to me before, before you always sit next to me."

Her husband replied: "This is easy to handle." Then immediately moved to sit beside her.

"But in the past you always tight around me."

"This okay?" He grabbed his wife's neck.

"Do you remember how to kiss my neck, bite my ears?"

He is suddenly jumping up out the door.

Wife hurriedly asked: "Where are you going?"

Her husband replied: "I ​​have to pick my dentures."

Jul 12, 2011

Customer queries

In Rio de Janeiro, a passenger sitting in a taxi and ask the driver's: "I ​​hear you there drive the car's speed amazing, but rarely have an accident, this is why?" "It's very simple." driver said:" Who do not high technology,  had died in a car accident."

Jul 11, 2011

carelessly husband

Mr Geir holded the dog back home from the veterinarian. He sighed and said to his wife: "our pitiful dog, it has been bray along the way,like some thing to say to me!" His wife looked at the dog, exclaimed: "Idiot! Only the dog probably trying to tell you, it is very simply it does not know you. "