Mar 22, 2011

Some have experienced trouble do you mind

1. at school want holidays and when holiday want to school.
2. cunior high school want to senior high school, senior high school when wants    to go to university, want to return to school after colleage graduation.
3. when singles want to love, love when like single.
4. childhood want to grow up quickly, grew up want to return to childhood.
5. ccontinued to shout, want to reduce weight, but when have a good food all forget.
6.when eating bite  tongue.
7. Fell asleep in the car and head knocked glass.
8. Play clamps, clip to hand.
9. Shut door and drawer is crowded to hand.
10. Sit in a chair wave and fell down.
11. left foot mix right foot results fall.
12. Hit the table or cabinet of Angle, very hurts.
13. From the body hard ripped paste.
14. Pull clothes zipper to clip chin meat.
15. On the stairs suddenly falls on empty.

At the end,are you agree these experiencedm,if you have others,please share with me,and thank you for look.If you concern war in north korea ,there is a joke for that.

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