Mar 28, 2011

audience think about the "nurse jackie"

The "nurse jackie" using the wallop strong black comedy style, every scene probably have someone will  die,but before death, they still can bring the laugh to audience,and this show will let you sometimes pleasant, sometimes painful, black comedy atmosphere let each set is filled with rich drama conflict, as a surprise emerging gathered, the "nurse jackie" easily become once broadcasts it will win full house cheered of new episodes in the summer.

This is a complicated to have no side "excellent" nurse, we will discover the  nurses Jackie let us scary, you can't imagine her next second what plan, but we can't blame her,because there are so let person heartache accidental death in the hospital emergency room, Jackie is an experienced medical personnel, to medical treatment, for life, she has its own unique views,only think the right thing, she will do, including in order to gain cocaine, she go with doctor.her  complexity almost beyond people to withstand moral bottom line. But at least, Jackie can guarantee do a few good, every day in the hospital need help, Jackie is obligatory.
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