Mar 20, 2011

Three high tech USA, Germany and Japan

This article is about high tech joke,if you feel well and let your feet in my blog,and think you.

One day a americans, a German and a Japanese people together to wash hot springs, suddenly, American arm rang, americans click arm, a bell stopped, the American people are very satisfiedly say: "this is our new technology, as long as transplant a chip in the arm , can be as BB CALL use!"

After a while, the germans palm also rang, the germans took his palm, beside the ear to talk loud, other people, were surprise, the germans satisfiedly say: "this is our latest technology, in the palms, microchipped, the palm is when the phone!"

The Japanese does not care and go to the toilet, after a while, he came back, the buttock inside still clip half pieces of toilet paper.
American and German laugh at the q Japanese: "what is that?"
Japanese say: "oh, there is a fax just preach come over"

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