Mar 26, 2011

No one island two male and a female

A scholar,try to analyze the nationality sex of all countries, chose Spain, France, Britain and the russians do experiment, each country pick two male and a female, respectively send to a no one live island to inhabited.
After a few months, scholars to Spain, found that people only left a woman. Scholars asked the woman why only her left, woman light replied, "both of them for me, provoked a duel, the result two people killed each other."

Scholars came to British lives, see three people on the island to do each other, asked the reason, they answered : "you do not have for we introduce!" .

Soon, scholars to the French lives island, find their three people place clean and neat, a man is trim garden flowers and trees. Scholars asked him where the two men. The man replied: "that woman is my lover three months ago , from yesterday, she became his lover, it's my turn to trim courtyard. Now, they are both in bed?"

Finally, scholars to the russians lives island, see two men are arguing for farming production things , and they respective spread their high opinion. Scholars cannot help asked: "that woman? Where is she?" Men replied, "she is working in the ground!"

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