Mar 19, 2011

pilot travel

Today many country  formally begin military intervention Libya,and I memory a stroy about a pilot travel in a black tribes,and share with guys.

This is the second world war, a true story.

A  american fighters plane were shot, pilot  Peter had to parachute jumping
to escape,he landed in a small village where not been war violations, the people here were black, they guileless, industrious, and quickly accepted Peter who didn't liked them with white skin.So, Peter and his black friends work together, live together, hunting for more than a year.

One day, the tribal sheik's wife born a child, the original is a pleasing things,But all the people see children when disappeared from smile, because the chief's wife gave birth to a child with white skin.

chief and his villagers were angry, they took Peter and has just been born baby binded together on the fire frame to burn them -- two here only white,because Peter betrayed them, give the chief's black forehead wearing a green hat.

Peter was enlightened, he was not afraid dead, he should have died a year ago, he came to the backward tribes when they didn't put he cooked and ate but saved and accepted him; but he betrayed his friends!

But he did not wish to himself and chief's wife children alive was burned, and the children were innocent!

Peter entreated them let go of his children, he was willing to put the baby's under firewood on his side,

But his supplications is futile, red eye sheik and his villagers completely lost their head, and they will burn Peter and his demon origin,when Peter gave up begged await death comes,he deeply looked at a group of sheep whice raised more than a year, he saw, a group of white lamb with a black sheep,Peter exclamation of say why a group of lamb can allow a black sheep of existence, you a group of black cannot allow a white kid exist?

This is a common word, who knowed that this time black chief camed out,tearful said: relax, quick relax!! They both put.

Then, the chief asked Peter to a small house, leaved a face of doubt the villagers.

Peter and chief came to the hut, he thought his words influenced chief, he just wanted to thank chief forgive themselves,the black chief but first said to Peter: Peter, you and my wife of matter I will overlook, I also will be a good feed your kids,but I and lamb thing which you can't let anyone know? Later don't say to others !!

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