Mar 15, 2011

Chase girl-the method of repeatedly

Bus station:
"Miss you stepped on my foot."
"I don't think so, I leave you so far."
"I mean, if you don't be careful put your feet on my feet, is stepped on my foot."
"Wow, miss, I do have history of Neurology, generally see beautiful  will break out."
"You men always did, said some nonsense intentionally lead the girls intentionally. Seems to think oneself is very handsome."
"Miss you wrong, I never thought my own handsome, but myself is very handsome."
"Don't be so disgusted ok. I'm going to vomit."
"Before you spit out: may I ask you a question?"
"You have fart hurry fart".
"Why do you hide conscience to deny my handsome?"

in bus:
 "How are you? "
 "Sometimes I do everywhere. "
 "Do not you know you are very annoying, so many place not sit, chosen to sit next to me. "
 "Miss, you should know, I just sat empty place which next to the empty position, just have you, so only. "
 "There is also space in front of the location how do you not? "
 "Oh, I see that you would want to see my ass, or I see your ass? "
 "Get out of here ...."

after down the bus:
"Why did you and get off?"
"Anyway, not because of you! I like to hang out."
"I tell you to sex harassment,which your company?"
"You mean catty, or the joule, Newton?"
"I very familiar with you? All said this bored words, sorry, I don't catch a cold!"
"Yeah, we're not familiar. We like a branch which have  two trees green strawberry.sour"
"Think you very humor?"
"Humor is born, to blame, you go to blame me mother! Right, and also my dad..."
"Your mother nervous."
"Your mother nervous."
"You see, clearly is your mom and affirm that is my mom," could you want to..."
"Roll for me..."

 So in the end ,can you know how chase girl??

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