Mar 6, 2011

What is the best dowry

Today i see an article which mention that what is the bes dowry for a women.And this is very interesting to me.The article come from china ShangHai.

Somebody say that treasure is importance because i life not come away from the treasure.If we have no treasure how can we do what our want to do ,and every day we show effort for get money,and you have no time to consider other things.

Somebody say that chastity is importance because many men is very care to that .even if he didn't concern it ,but if he found you are chasity and he will very happy,so he love you more.

And less people never think that or agree with all front opinion.

No doubt,with the rapid development of economy,unable to hide the young of depravity.and our world have into a crisis that have no ideological and moral,no more physiological moral.We should have a clear mind and suggest our country in the national quality education add more about ethic education.Let our young can healthy growth.

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