Mar 27, 2011

humor of laundry day,Mr Wang angrily went to the laundry and found owner, was furious with himself after meeting, said: "Come see your masterpiece!" Then he threw a very thick rope on the desk. Owner looked at and said: "Sir, this rope very good" Mr Wang shouted: "I sent it is a wash sheets."

2. one day, a lady wearing a short skirt, into a laundry, the young owner of the shop straight staring at her. At this time, the young lady very proudly waved and said to owner: "Young people go on with your work!" The young owner is a straight face and said: "Miss, your skirt diminished which did not wash in our shop right."

3, the husband proudly said to his wife: "Today I went to the laundry dry clean, waiters in the clothes on the notes played three stars!" His wife was not understand and asked: "What does that mean?" "This shows the high quality of my clothes to remind workers to be careful operation, can not be damaged." Her husband said. The next day, his wife took the list to the dry cleaners to get it, specifically reminded: "it was the piece played three stars, the highest grade of clothes." Waiter soon found his clothes, putting clothes to her, smiled and said: "We are on the notes played three stars,to remind workers that clothe was dirty and wash few times"

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