Mar 26, 2011

Libya opposition holding a plastic toy gun in the battlefield

African Union invited representatives of the Libyan Government and the opposition to meet negotiating in 25, but it was rejected by opposition. Opposition spokesman said that Gaddafi must step down.

Anti-government forces under the shield of international air strikes continue the onslaught, 26, local time occupied the eastern importante city of Ajdabiya. Coalition warplanes attacked government troops stationed in the evening of 25, the U.S. military has fired more than a dozen of "Tomahawk" cruise missiles.

Ajdabiya  hold a strategic point access to the western coastal highway,distance from south of Benghazi about 150 kilometers is the rebel stronghold,Libya's oil center.

In Benghazi, more armed men wearing new uniforms,also picked up a new automatic rifle, may be western aid had quietly arrived in .Earlier reports said the rebels and the military quality weapons are bad, some even holding a plastic toy gun in the battlefield.

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