Mar 10, 2011

where my future

graduate from university almost one years,although i obtain a job which i other's eyes is well,and in my opinion the job is well and very stable,but is hard to progress.

Sometimes i think about my future,if i work here all my life,there are opportunity to my for progress? This doubt me a long time .And my family is want me work here because the job is stable and treatment is well,but i know myself,if i think it not well which is hard to change.

after work a period of time ,i find that relationship with some colleagues is very bad,because i think the character of them is very bad,and i doesn't want work with them.And now i to something in my spare time in order to change my fate.If it do well,i will resignation.i doesn't endure work with them .

Belief myself,and i will success,and my future is not as now,it will change and well.My friend you can give me a suggest.

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