May 17, 2011

Buddhist monk

Hill has a buddhist monk, and he shelter a 8 years old monk. Mountain is very high, both teacher and student practice in the top of the hill, never down.
After 10 years, they down the mountain, the young monk see cows, horses, chickens, dogs, do not know. Zen master teach one by one: "This is called cattle,can plow; the horse, can ride; the chicken and dog could herald the time and guard the entrance. "
A moment later, there is a pretty girl walked. Monk asked in surprise: "What is this animal?"Jackson was afraid he moved worldly, scare and said: "This is called the tiger, man close to it, must be killed and eat, not even bones left. "
Back to the mountains at night, Jackson asked: "Do you remember that you see today? " the young monk replied: "do not remember the other, but I miss that man-eating tiger. "

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