May 23, 2011

marriage quotes

1, marriage and driving require licensing. Need a license to drive; marriage require marriage certificate.

2, marriage and cars need to run. New car glossy surface, but the internal mechanical not smooth , need to be polished; the beginning of the marriage need two mutual understanding, mutual tolerance, mutual adjust.

3, marriage and cars need maintenance. Car for long periods of maintenance,if not will turn off and strike; marriage for long periods of maintenance,if not will break down break.

4, marriage and car will finds fault with others. Open high-end cars will be envious by drive the broken car; happy marriage will be jealous by unhappy people .

5, marriage and cars are consumables. Driving in a long time, performance is getting worse, it can not open, you have to discard; marriage go for a long time, it will inevitably encounter problems, it can not continue to go out, you have to divorce.

6, marriage and cars and in a contact with the red light. Can not drive through a red light; marriage fear the red light district.

7, marriage and cars have weaknesses.Car fear of a mistake oil; marriage fear into other one.

8, marriage and cars need to concentrate. Must concentrate on driving,otherwise car crash,marriage can not be desert, otherwise you will way Of difference.

9, marriage and cars are safe havens. Car garage call safe haven; marriage harbour called home.

10, marriage and cars need fuel. Vehicle fuel is called petrol, no gas can not move; marriage of fuel call love, no love, marriage can not work to the old.

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