May 8, 2011

happy mother day:whenever the great maternal love

 maternal love
1, When go to school,mother said:when you graduate, mother will enjoy life.
Graduation,mother said:when you find a job,mother will enjoy life.
Work,mother said: waiting for you marry,mother will enjoy life.
Marry,mother said:when you give birth,mother will enjoy life.
Have a child,mother said:wait for your child grow up,mother will enjoy life.
Today's kids grow up, I said that you can enjoy a happy life, the mother said. . . . Heaven is very happy.

2, he go out battle, and before leaving,mother said:my child you should remember the way to home. He go to a strange city, with superb investment perspective,earn the first pot of gold. Since then, business is booming, and no one do not know his name in that city . New Year, the mother call him to come home to eat dinner, he always quibble busy. Because of his wrong decision in a business, make him bankrupt. He was force to go home. Mother just said: Just remember the way go home.

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