Apr 5, 2011

about stepped on duck joke

3 women were killed in a car accident and went to heaven. When they got there, the angel of Peter said:"In heaven, we only have one rule - do not step on a duck. " confirmed that this three woman understanding,they entered heaven. Heaven was full of duck, duck was almost impossible not to step on.Although they try to avoid, but the first woman accidentally steps on one. At this time,Peter immediately got a looks very ugly man who this woman had never seen before came up to her,tell her: You stepped on a duck and punishment is to remain with the ugly men chained together.

The next day, another woman, inadvertently stepped on a duck. Then Peter again with another very nausea man came up to her, as the fate of the woman before. Peter took the second woman to the ugly men chained together.

The third has been found that the results of this cruel,and she did not want to always be chained with an ugly disgusting man. So she was very, very careful of her footsteps,she had stepped gingerly and not stepped on any duck, in the case of that she safe a few months. But one day,  Peter came in front of her, and with an unprecedented super handsome man. This man is not only tall, sturdy and beautiful long eyelashes.Peter chains them together and  did not say anything. The woman asked the man chained together with her:

"I am wondering why i can chain together with you?"the man said: "I ​​do not know how your situation, but I stepped on a duck. "

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