Apr 6, 2011

how peaceful settlement of Libya

Both sides have raised the understanding of the program, the other side are not acceptable, the final compromise might be: such as a major military defeat, the program will tilted to the winner. one side vanish this agreement will not appeared.
1 The two sides unconditional cease-fire immediately.
what is compromise: The opposition does not disarm, government forces do not withdraw surround,Gaddafi temporarily not step down,Gaddafi hand over part of the rights.

2 NATO not involved in negotiations, recognized by both national and local celebrities mediation.

3 the re-election of Parliament, Members by district and not by the control district, recognized by both international institutions, national, celebrity supervision. Election of the Prime Minister responsible to Parliament. And before election the prime minister execute the local self-government.

4 The two sides recommend the staff of the oil revenue oversight committee,the oil revenue net of administrative districts governed by the pre-war population, producing is well do a larger share.

5 The two sides must not interfere with local affairs troops, not purchase weapons. Costs allocated by the state, and local non-participation in military spending.

In the end,what do you think about how peaceful settllement of Libya,and I hope all the world is peaceful,everybody can do what their whant to do,but I know this is very difficult.I'm will pleasure that you can leave you comment in my blog,so I can learn more about the world.

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