Apr 27, 2011

camping jokes

1,battalion commander to check the situation of camouflaged artillery. He saw several soldiers crawling under a bush, it seems looking for something.
"What are you looking for? " battalion commander asked.
"Report battalion commander, yesterday we disguised artillery too well , and today we could not find them. "

2, the captain of a soldier said: "Why are you drinking? If you do not drink, has been promoted to sergeant long ago! "
Soldier: "Sir, I drink to feel like I was colonel!"

3, several soldiers poured the wine in the teacup,hided in the dormitory to drink. Senior officer comes into the room, and asked: "What do you drink?"
The soldiers replied: "Water. "
"What water? "
"60-degree water. "
"Why do not drink boiling water?Drink no open water and what to do if you hurt your stomach? "

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