Apr 1, 2011

Star doll

A taxi driver working in the taxi trade. One day in the middle of the night, he was driving through a very desolate place, surrounded by dark,suddenly he saw a building in front of wasteland , lit the dim light. He is strange that, when such a building in the side of the road,then  a lady waving to sit in his car to go home,when the young lady on the car, he took the door off and began driving, after a while, He felt very strange, why the young lady did not speak, and he looked back in the mirror, where are young lady, just a star doll sat there,he was scared to death, grabbed the doll and thrown out of the window  after he go home and had serious illness for three months ... ...

After disease is cured, he returned the taxi trade to job, his colleague said to him: "You're not mean, there a beautiful young lady complained that she was on your car at last time, and she just had her star doll throw in, you put the doors locked up and drove off. "

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