Apr 15, 2011

indigenous people sell woven bag,a female dustman resignation, and carrot take the mud

woven bag
1 An island nation of indigenous people could make a beautiful woven bag, popular with tourists. an american bag businessman spended 3$ to buyed a bag and also ordered a thousand the same color of the bag, and asked the wholesale price. Indigenous replied, "only 4$ for each good, you know exactly do the same thing all day how series boring!"

2 Bank of female cleaners to resign on the grounds that bankers did not trust her. President replied: "why can you say that? I have the key to the safe everywhere disorderly put." Cleaning woman said: "yes, but a key not able to open safe."

3 A housewife buyed a big basket of carrots on the market. Carrots were fresh, with earth, but a little too much mud. The housewife carefully collected all the soil,unexpectedly a quarter of the basket. Then she returned to the market, back these soil to vendors and said: "I only buy your carrots, did not buy your soil, and these soil precious than the carrots. If you also sell these, to your children and grandchildren hands ,there is no carrot to sell it! "

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