Apr 30, 2011

quack jokes

1, Jack meeted John and his wife in the street, Jack asked: "John,how the clinic you go to the treatment of amnesia last month,?"
John replied, "Great, where doctors taught me a most advanced memory,I was now very different then before!"
Jack said excitedly, "Holy! The clinic What is the name?"
"Call ... ..." John thought much after,but not remember, he suddenly shot forehead, and asked Jack, "that what many thorns of flowers called?"
"You mean rose?"
"Yes, that rose!" Then John turned to his wife: "Rose, you tell me,,what the clinic name which I went last month?"

2, a patient called the doctor to see a doctor appointment date.
He replied: "I'm sorry, sir! Latest week can not be arranged."
Anxious patients, said: "I may have been dead a week later!"
The doctor said: "Never mind, let your wife come to the phone, I can cancel the reservation."

3, the patient: "your hospital's food so expensive, are the main purpose is to make money?"
Doctor: "do not make money why open canteen?"
Patient: "To earn money, you can make the food better!"
Doctor: "You come to the hospital to eat or to take medicine?"

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