Apr 17, 2011

the ultimate strategy under sparingly in high oil prices

1,  increased wheel atmospheric pressure, reduce friction.

2,  cleaning up the trunk to reduce weight.

3,  wear less clothes, shoes to choose smaller and faster:wear shirts do not wear vests.

4,  go to stool before drive, the best put a fart.

5,  so as not to drive after in the meal, especially a few people have had enough to sit in your car.

6  do not fill fuel to reduce weight.

7,  no use cigarette lighter, costs of electricity.

8, no open air conditioning,open window can ventilation and healthy and also fuel-efficient.

9,  refueling in the morning and evening,the later the better! Low temperature, oil plus much more.

10, keep a distance with the car, looking for a bigger car then follow, can reduce the air resistance.

11, the lights can not open will not open, can open late wil lopen late in night, able to use someone else's light to use.

12, drive and when not to listen to the radio and CD.

13, sold the car,buy a bike!

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