Apr 12, 2011

japanese nuclear accident level raise to 7

nuclear pollution insects
According to NHK television on the 12th, the Japanese ministry of economy nuclear safety security court decided the first nuclear power plant in Fukushima nuclear accident level is raised to 7. This level make the japanese nuclear accident as the same soviet nuclear accident of Chernobyl.
Japan is an island, why build so many nuclear power stations,only  simply power? We can see from the geographical of japanese ,it's very suitable to develop wind energy, ocean energy and solar energy, but why would like develop a high risk of  nuclear energy, this was because they wanted to develop nuclear weapons, to achieve the goal of militarism.
All the world, victims of nuclear radiation by japan should demand that Japan compensate the country and asked the IAEA to verification of all nuclear facilities in japan. Because it is the relationship between security and stability throughout the world, from they directly emissions nuclear waste water  to the sea can be see, they will not care about the safety of other country peoples and feelings, just by their own way.If all the world not care that and not against the develop nuclear , it will be nuclear disasters for all over the world.

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