Apr 9, 2011

funny sayings about marriage

1 The husband smoke, the wife is very angry.
Wife: "you don't quit smoking we'll divorce!"
Husband: "quit smoking, must quit smoking! Find a commemoration day, I must quit!"
Wife: "what time?"
The husband think and say: "that it february 30."

2 Wife pour the husband's beer,husband flew into a rage.
The husband say: "you want in trouble?"
The wife not fear him,because he have so much bad habits: "yeah, what happened?"
Husband: "first, we can PK!"
Wife: "you can't!"
Husband: "second, we can calmly reason."
Wife: "I don't want!"
Husband: "third, I acknowledge a mistake."

3 don't know what eat in the evening, the husband proposal throw coin.
Husband: "positive upward let's eat fish, face down we stir-fry vegetables."
Results coin thrown downstairs.
The husband say: "that we... would go out to eat."

4 the husband reach home with smelly sweat : "wife, give you a warm hug!"
Wife: "don't, you now give me hug may only hot, no feeling."

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