Apr 22, 2011

jokes for the boss

jokes for the boss
1, Towel director received a phone call.
"Your  printed towel with the magpies pattern,is really lifelike! "
Director happily said: "Thanks
you praise! How do you know it ? "
"I  wipe my face with a towel, magpies flew out of my face immediately. "

2, the boss found the office security door was problem, he ran to
the nearest neighbors which was a prison  for help, asked if anyone can get the lock open.
Soon, a guard brought a prisoner.
prisoner turned the lock plate , listen to the sound, and opened the door easily.
The boss asked: "admiration,
admiration, how much do I pay you? "
Prisoner said: "Oh ... ... I got $ 25,000 last unlock. "

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