Apr 21, 2011

a small joke that laugh

1, there was a young man to go blind date , the matchmaker told him: "The first       time met was more modest, do not let the girl embarrassed." After meeting both    men and women,they are very good impression of each other,the girl asked: "so    good condition as you, how willing blind date with me?" young man once modest    said: "Where,as I like this, how can a good girl fancy me?"
2, one panic ran in a restaurant: "Excuse me,aftern i eat lunch yesterday,
         whether to stay an umbrella?"    "What kind of it?" The waiter asked.    "What kind of all right,i do not pay attention."
the side of the cinema,a beggar stand and weared sunglasses.    "The old lady, be good enough, my eyes could not see anything."    "You're blind, how know that I am the old lady?"    "Oh, sorry,I just instead of my blind friend."    "where your friends?" The old lady asked curiously.    "He went to the movies."
4, the wife of a famous poet, wearing a beautiful dress in the banquet,
Someone       appreciation of the poet, said: "Great, your wife's dress today just like a       poem!" Poet shook his head replied: "is more than a poem,it cost me half of       the poetry of the royalties!"

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