Apr 13, 2011

Profiteers joke

1  a boss to the police report: "a rogue posing as my salesman,earned $ 100,000 in the town,more than all of my employees earned on the customer. You must found him! "
"We will seize him, throw him into prison!"
"while locked? You help me find him, I want to hire him!"

2, in a restaurant, a passenger said: "Waiter, to show me your telephone book, I want to find address."
"I'm sorry, sir, We do not have telephone book, but i can show you guest book , you can find all residents of the city address from above."

3, a person worked 10 years in the bank,but still a staff. He was not satisfied with the job, trying to find a better job, but in finding a new job, he does not want to lose he present job, so he wrote out a letter to the top in bold writing: "Help I was a prisoner in a banks. "He sent the letter to several large companies, to request give him a job.
A few days later, a letter sent to banks in which the presidents hands. The second morning, the president please he to office and said: "I have good news to tell you, today you can be released from prison."

4, the grocer said to his wife: "Today you do not to go the next grocery store door to go shopping."
Wife did not understand: "Honey, Why is that?"
Husband said: "Because I am day borrowed the scale."

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