Apr 7, 2011

mental illness hospitals, fear of contamination and homeless people

1 one day suddenly heavy rain. Mental hospital patients are very happy to pick up towels, bath soap to bathe in rain.One mentally ill standing in a shelter and giggle. Dean asked him:'why do you not do? Mental patients smiled proudly and said: I am wait the water hot then do it.

2, the family sitting in a new car for joyride, and suddenly the car does not move, they braved the scorching sun and push the car, pushing a full two hours. Husband stopped and said: "I understand that car dealers what it means now." His wife wipe and asked: "What did he say?" "This car is very save oil, he said."

3, a man walked into a hotel,to a large glass of beer.the cup have a handle, he put on the cup,mouth on the handle side of the rim to drink. The waiter looked surprised and asked: "Sir, Why do you drink at this way?" "This place with a handle, most people will not touch his mouth to drink , so I would not infected with the bacteria." After a while, another man came in, have a glass of beer, he put on the cup,also outh on the handle side of the rim to drink. Waiter smiled: "Sir are you afraid of infectious bacteria?" The man said: "No, I am ill, fear spread to others."
4, a rich gentleman,walk on the road early morning .then came a homeless people, a gentleman very accomplishment, he asked: "Good morning!" "Good morning,why are you come so early?" "I just to see whether can promotion points for my appetite for breakfast." Gentleman then asked again: "what do you want to do so early?" "I've been out, see whether can find breakfast for my  appetite."

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