Apr 14, 2011

training humor

1, a disruptive student, teacher sudden said, you shake the head, not hear the sound of water, is to see spark. We are a group of people did not react, the teacher smile and said, either water or a short circuit.

2, a person to a hotel for dinner, he tasted the fish and meat,quite a feeling to say: "I had known this meal, like a few days ahead of schedule." The hotel manager heard,glad to say: "your are a gourmet ! Our hotel it really first class." The man then said: "Thank you for saying! I mean is that if a few days ago, the fish and meat are fresh."

3,A famous pianist train to field performance. When she was resting in the box, practice fingering hand on the bed.
Reach station, the train later two hours, she blamed the conductor.
the conductor replied: "We stop on the road for two hours because the siren was from time to time alarm,but can not find who do that."

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