Apr 1, 2011


China is a country to spend many flowers around the globe, of which most people like plum blossom and peony.

Plum is a Chinese specialty flowers, has at least a thousand years of cultural history. More than two thousand varieties. Plum is divided into five, the ancients said to be happy, happiness, longevity, well, a symbol of peace.plum's flowering is very long, into the winter, not afraid of cold plum, still erect. Plum color, elegance, posture vigorous, flowers soak into the depths. So the Chinese people's temperament and spirit of plum, a symbol of character and sentiment. People often "pine, bamboo, plum" as the "Three Friends of Winter", the "plum, orchid

, Bamboo, chrysanthemum, "collectively the " four gentlemen."seen Plum and people's lives, cultural traditions and customs are closely linked.

China's Qing Dynasty, once the peony as the national flower. Peony is China's specialty. It is colorful, rich and chic, the "king of flowers"in the world . Peony is also a fear of civil power transfer story. Year winter, swim in Chang'an Tang Dynasty Empress Wu after the Court, he had ordered flowers open at the same time to help fortune. Only Peony not open. But, as the Empress Wu was furious, burning peony, peony bloom is very bright.the meantime, watch as many as hundreds of thousands more. Existing four hundred varieties of peonies.

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