Apr 28, 2011

love life trigger cold jokes

love life
1,one day his girlfriend complained again: "You see my friend bought a diamond necklace gave his girlfriend. We love so many years,what you have bought to me?"
I: "Rest assured, I will work for you, and soon I will buy a luxury beach house, buy a lot a lot of jewelry, as well as sports car ... ..."
Girlfriend: "Fool,rob bank you will in jail ."

2, "Spanish women are good at using the eventail express their feelings, a woman with a eventail cover up the lower half of her face,looking at you,means asking you: Do you like me?" A lady see this message, the next day came a man's home and open the eventail, cover bottom half of the face, innocent eyes, looking at her prince charming.
Who knows, the man immediately awkward stood up, muttered: "I'm sorry,my halitosis damn it!"

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