Apr 8, 2011

things to do at school

1 Nerve to declare to female students! And then leave your phone her, perhaps you can succeed."
"Well, I'll try!"
"How, how? Have results?"
"Do not know, she has not return my phone."

2 When go to school go other school to find friends for playing,because build roads so the street in front of the door locked. Had to turn the door to enter,when landing on the land does not feel right, why they all look at me? Gaze glancing and find a hole in the wall where not far from the door, everyone from the hole into the school. Heart big oops.look for students to play the second time, with experience, I straight to the hole enter the school,Looked up and discovered that was not consciously looking at me.the door is open!

3  the class has a sissy, one time when self-study one was laughing on his mother. He could not help but fire,stand up and shoot the man, shouted: "You have to say I'm a sissy, carefully mother I beat you!"

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